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August 24, 2011

The accumulated time of ants from Dennis Hlynsky on Vimeo.

This is a time accumulation. Meaning all frames are superimposed over the entire length of the shot.

the way of ants from Dennis Hlynsky on Vimeo.

I discovered that there are two main categories of ants, the sweet eaters and the fat eaters. The ants around my house eat fat. I have had a difficult time keeping the ants out of my cats food. It seems they were really attracted to the fish souffle. So, I got a piece of plastic paper and spread some cat food on it. Then I waited. By mid morning the ants were mining the cat food. The above video shows the accumulation of all the frames of the short video. I like the fuzziness of the lines.

In the lower right hand third there was a gummy residue left by the tape when the hardware store clerk rolled the paper. Notice the ants avoid this spot. Currently I am planning to test ways of directing the ants by painting milk or vinegar on the paper.

I always assumed that ants were very well organized. They often have socialist or army connotations where individuality is subverted for the sake of the many. Looking at the patterns these ants make I have a hard time believing there is any system in place. It looks pretty random to me.


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