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discovering technique

August 26, 2011

Scroll to 1:00 to see the effect.

Technically there are no small brains in this video. It is the start of the technique I have been using in the video posted to this blog. I was shooting with a Flip cam at a bonfire when an effigy of Guy Fawks was added to the fire to burn in memory of the day Guy tried to blow up Parliament. This is an annual event and I was thrilled the camera saw something but the image was dark. I began playing with superimposing two of the video’s and using blending modes to bring out the detail. Echo with a blending mode of screen seemed to work very very well.

next I tried snow

This video reminds me of my grade school playground. I grew up in the snow belt. The catholic boys would joke about God’s dandruff. Snow would float in flakes measuring an inch across; dropping for days at a time. One recess a bunch of us kids decided to try to catch extra large snowflakes on our toungs. It was quite a site… fifty or more kids running round with our toungs seeking the melt of heaven’s ice. Periodically a flake would enter a red cold nose, mistakenly inhaled, followed by a child voice of surprise. Stepping back to witness the event one saw a choreographed dance… each child focused upward; eyes to the sky and running in crazy circles as if an invisible hand had grabbed the muscle of their mouth and was leading them about. Rubber boots and buckles slapping together in the silence of the winter afternoon.

This video clip gets interesting at about 1:30 when the wind picks up and gusts blow the snow. This was shot between two houses so the background needed to be removed. Using a the effect called wide time and extending the frames rendered to the widest possible; one can eliminate fast moving objects from a scene. Of course the camera must be locked down. From there is is easy to remove the background from the snow by showing subtracting the difference between the snow with the wall and the wall behind without the snow.

more snow

Night Snow from Dennis Hlynsky on Vimeo.


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