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gliding and soaring

August 26, 2011

I have been searching for a place where sea gulls congregate. Living in a state with a rather large coastline one would assume this an easy task. Thus far I have had limited success. Below are some examples of pocket camera experiments. Gulls are both black and white. This presents some challenges in retaining both tones with the Technique I use.

it gets interesting at about 4:30!

camera original of the above

Boston has a beach. My son lives in Boston and on a visit in the fall of 2011 we shot this with Kodak play-touch camera. At Fort Point there is a food stand that sells french fries. After years of being fed by visitors the gulls will swoop and catch french fries in the air. If you look closely in this video you can see small dots. These are broken fries being tossed in the air.

Seagulls seem to like to fly above parking lots. In East Providence there is a burger king and the gulls will fly next to your window as you pull away from the drive up. Beggars… asking for french fries. Here the gulls circle overhead along with crows. This is a city scene.

I think these are buzzards. This was shot in east Florida near Jacksonville Beach. I was shooting near a pond so dragonflies were buzzing about in front of the camera. They fly very fast and appear in this video as a series of black dots.


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