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Dennis resides in Providence, Rhode Island. He is a practicing artist using a variety of physical and electronic media. Drawing and photography were early studies but soon gave way to video in 1972. Electron Movers was his initial involvement after graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1974. He began to be interested in celebration as an art form during the bicentennial.

As digital replaced analog, Dennis incorporated these expanded technologies into his artistic practice. The early experimental video mode incorporating analog image synthesis was replaced with a decade of documentary. Between the years of 1977 to 1987 Dennis recorded people in life threatened medical situations. The Videoanalysis project at RI Hospital with Stephanie Lafarge ended with the birth of his son. Digital technologies in the form of IBM and Amiga computers provided a refreshing outlet and continuation of the early experiments with analog video synthesis. In the late 1980’s he began teaching at RISD in the Film Department. There he became a principal researcher for the RISD/IBM project to investigate artist workstations. It was at during this investigation he began to study 3D using Wavefront technologies.

Today he is a capable of using a wide variety of media to engage this changing technological world. His love of the electronic temporal plastic image has continued as well as the periodic organic and off grid community celebrations.​​user/​dhlynsky?fea​user491023/​videos​photos/​dhlynsky/​
  1. Hi Dennis!
    My name is John Featherstone, and I am one of the principals of a lighting and media design firm, Lightswitch – I think your work is fabulous, especially the bird flight path pieces. I design video content for a band Imagine Dragons, and I would like to investigate using your work for one of their songs in concert – is this something you might be interested in exploring? If so, might you email me? Thanks for your time Dennis!

    • I don’t have your email to reply.
      your site doesn’t have any apparent way to be in touch.

  2. Hi Dennis,
    My name is Claudia Nye and I am currently making films about woodlands. Your birds paths films inspired me to want to include one of your excerpts in one of my films. Would you be interested in participating? Here’s a link to my latest short

    Look fwd to hearing from you 🙂

  3. Hello Dennis

    I started taking pictures of birds flying in the barcelona skies last summer. I use video to record birds flight paths and then process these onto single images. This is much related to your work! I stumbled upon your videos and could not believe the coincidence… Please take a look and tell me what you think.
    All the best and congratulations on your work!
    Laurent Godel

  4. Hello! My sincere appreciation this work. Thank you.
    I am working on producing a radio story on related topics.
    I wonder if you might be interested in participating in an interview?
    Here’s a link to one of the components of the story that I am following:
    I work in Woods Hole MA for WCAI radio, an NPR station
    We are lucky to have a rich community of scientists and their many activities on hand here.
    I believe what you are doing is a very compelling element in this.
    I went to RISD too! Class of ’89.
    I’d love to hear from you and in any case I’ll continue to check out what you are doing with this work. thanks


  5. Leonardo permalink

    Hello Dennis,

    really loved your work on bird trajectories and wonder how it is done. My idea would be to model these trajectories for sound and orchestral music. Do you have access to the numbers produced by them in a 3D spacetime? how could I find that out?
    All best,

  6. Hey Dennis,

    I was showed your work by my MA tutor, it’s absolutely stunning. It would appear that we’re using the exact same technique to create our work – I was wondering, if you had time, would consider taking part in a trans-atlantic collaboration to create something?

    Here’s an example of mine, there is more on my website if you want to take a look.

    Awesome work, look forward to seeing more


  7. Clever, and potentially very much a problem for the philosophers.
    You are recording visual memories that humans regularly dismiss.
    I have been facing the same problem in mathematical visualizations.

    No one can quite understand what you have captured since we never
    discuss what we so quickly forget. You have made a major step forward to
    exploring visual perception and human foibles.

    Your work will force us to invent new language for your visual trains and the tracks .
    High Speed Time Lapse ,Time Compression works for me.
    I suspect some individuals can see in this manner at times.
    Perhaps it is a form of Holy Enlightened Madness.
    A summation loop with a default length starting at position 1..k
    You can shorten the tail length and get some weird effects
    The water Striders could be used to sort out cause and effect.
    I wrongly assumed only humans could travel in straight lines not insects.

    vladimyr burachynsky

  8. Hi,
    Dennis the centipede was absolutely stunning, Great Work.
    Now I am ashamed to say I have tried to figure out how you did it.
    I have tried cutting up a video but I only get 1 second cuts. I suspect you are using
    a serious video de-compiler and processing a stack with Photoshop then rebuilding the cuts back into a video.
    That is very sophisticated. very slick.
    I suspect this centipede is good enough for working out the biomechanics of walking.
    Perhaps next day you could use a macro lens.before the cats arrive on the scene.
    You will astonish everyone who looks at your work.


  9. Miguee dalt permalink

    Hi Dennis,

    I want to invite you to participate with your work in a digital arts festival we’ll be hosting in Mexico in 2015.

  10. Miguel Daly permalink

    Sorry, the link closed on me. As I was saying, I would like the opportunity to share a bit of the festival with you if your interested. If so, send us a mail and we’ll send you the relevant info.

    Best regards,
    Miguel Daly

    • DHlynsky permalink

      send me the information at dhlynsky AT

  11. Hello Dennis, I would like to get in touch with you to discuss an exhibition ‘Patterns in Nature’ I am developing for the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. I would be very grateful if you could please email me


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