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Carp at Linesville PA

Early in the fall of 2012 I took a car trip in my new car. I was on sabbatical from teaching and had some time on my hands. I had wanted to go exploring places where groups of animals were clustering. The Linesville State Fish Hatchery had burned into my memory as a child. As I think back I imagine my parents and grandparents who settled between Pittsburgh and Eire, PA might have used the spot as a place to stop on journeys.

The road south of Linesville cuts the lake in half. On one side is a pull off. A building houses a tourist shop and a place to buy bread. There is a constant stream of people parking their cars and throwing food into the lake. Old bread, doughnuts, cat food, muffins that were left over from breakfast. Mothers save the discards and use the place as an exciting moment in the lives of their young children.